Mutressa Movies, LLC was founded in the fall of 2007. This movie production company focuses on utilizing the newest advancements in digital technology to bring great ideas and stories to the screen.

Sofia is an action thriller starring Christian Slater, Donald Sutherland, Elika Portnoy and Timothy Spall. Sofia was directed by Isaac Florentine and produced by David Ornston. The movie will be released in 2012.

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"Immigration Tango" won Best Picture and Best Actor (Carlos Leon) at the Boston International Film Festival on April 25th of 2010. "Immigration Tango" also won "Best of the Fest" at the Palm Beach International Film Festival. Visit the movie web-site at

"The four principals are attractive and capable, and their characters are drawn with verve and definition." - LA Times

Plot: An American couple and a foreign couple test the limits of friendship and love when they switch partners and get married for green cards.


"Tricks of a woman" won Best Film at the South African International Film Festival and the Monaco International Film Festival. It also won Best Actress (Elika Portnoy), Best Supporting Actress (Natasha Lyonne), Best Supporting Actor (Carlos Leon) at the Monaco International Film festival.  "Tricks of a woman" is distributed by MarVista.

Plot: When a desperate fashion photographer bets his rival he can turn any girl into a super-model, he has no idea of the consequences.

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